At Teo, our two most important values are Quality & Safety, which is why our food has been developed using the latest research and technology. Because we wanted to make sure, that our food will not only be tasty, but also provide your pets with 100% complete, life-long nutrition.

Not only do we provide nutrients pets require, we also take pride in the fact our pet food is rich in meats, from classic chicken to beef, fish, rabbit & veal. All our products are 100% complete and do not contain any artificial preservatives or dyes. Teo is loved across many countries in Europe and we are excited to be bringing it to you, for all dogs & cats to enjoy.

Why choose TEO?


100% natural ingredients

We choose raw materials grown on local and certified Polish farms, located in regions of fertile soil and clean air


Properly balanced formula

Supports the immunity, ensures the proper condition of skin coat, bones and maintains teeth and gums in optimal health


Advanced, low-temperature technology

Captures the aroma & keeps that great meaty taste that all pets enjoy – even the picky ones!


Rich in meats, easily digestible

Teo is a high quality dog & cat food rich in meats, easily digestible with a composition strictly adapted to the nutritional needs of your pets


No artificial preservatives or dyes

Does not contain any preservatives or dyes


100% complete

It is 100% complete providing the body with all the ingredients necessary for a healthy and proper development


High production standards

High production standards and collaboration with research centres under the supervision of specialists


Quality and safety

Quality and safety confirmed by international certificates:

  • BRC (British Retail Consortium) Certification
  • ISO 9001 Quality management Certificate
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) System Certificate

TEO has received many awards for its rich-in-meat foods over the last twenty years


We use the most up-to-date knowledge, combined with advanced technology results in a very attractive product, respectful of both quality and affordability. Our quality control systems are also hermetic. High production standards and collaboration with research centres, such as the Veterinary Cathedral of the Wroclaw University of Environmental and Live Sciences and the Warsaw University of Live Sciences, gives us great confidence in our product. We continue to improve the quality of our products, as we constantly explore the needs of animals, and on this basis, we prepare new detailed nutritional solutions that will meet the expectations of our clients.


BRC (British Retail Consortium) Certification


ISO 9001 Quality management Certificate, which we obtained in July 2006


HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) System Certificate issued by BSJ

System is based on risk analysis and critical control points.

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